Christmas stories for kids

Peppa Pig English Christmas

The dancing christmas tree

O Christmas tree!!

Christmas flashcards

Santa, where are you?

Twinkle, twinkle little star a carol for Christmas

S-A-N-T-A a carol for Christmas

Let's build a house


Halloween Finger family song

Hello, what's your name?

This my school song

Sing and do the actions: point to the school objects and do the actions.

Happy Summer holidays!!

Our little school closes its doors. It's Summer and now we'll enjoy in the sun.
See you next course with a lot of new games and songs!
Bye little friends!!

Unit 18: Summer

Language contents Unit 17 FOOD

Old MacDonald had a farm song

Farm animals Unit 16 contents

Language contents Unit 15 Pets

Language contents Unit 14 spring

This is the  information about the contents that your kids are learning to practice with them.
Thanks for your help

Actions and feelings

The weather song "How's the weather today

Count to twenty "Counting bananas" song

A colour song: I see something green

Dance song for carnival "Jack in the box"

Children chorus: "Jack in the Box quiet and still, will you come out? Yes I will!"

Places in the town

A song for Winter: Frosty the snowman

"Frosty the snowman" is the story of a snowman that comes magically to life!!! 
Some kids put a magic hat on a snowman and he came to life. When January came he melted the end.
Listen, sing and enjoy the song and the story!!

Peace day song "I've got peace in my fingers"

Peace song: "I've got peace in my fingers"

One little finger

Toys for Christmas