Christmas vocabulary

Jingle bells, easy version

School vocabulary

Nursery rhymes & chidren songs

Here you are a lot of nursery rhymes for learn numbers, colours, animals...

Three Bears

Contents: Number three,the members of family and the house.

Halloween photos 3 years

La verdad es que los pequeños del cole fueron unos verdaderos valientes el día de Halloween y disfrutaron muchísimo con las actividades que preparamos en la clase de inglés.
Aquí os dejo unas fotos para que comprobéis lo que digo.
Happy Halloween!!!!

Trick or treat song

I like my body

Hello again! Welcome to a new course!

Sing and dance with Teddy to start the new course.

Closed for holidays

Enjoy the Summer!
See you next course! Bye!

Swimming at the swimming pool


What food do you like?


Learn the name of some food

Name of some fruits

"Don Quixote of La Mancha" Story

Zoo animals

Wild animals: Is that a tiger?

A farm song "Bingo"

A Spring song "Five little ducks"

A spring story

Spring is here

Gogo's adventures: The funfair

Have you seen the Easter Bunny

Here comes Easter bunny

My name is Gogo

Listen, watch and enjoy with this story


Learn the name of same means of transports

Clap your hands

Media (Los medios de comunicación)

Point to the media that there are in the picture: Newspaper, radio cd player, telephone, computer, television.

The town: The wheels on the bus

The jobs

A cartoon for carnival. "Ben the clown"

How's the weather?

Clothes vocabulary song

Clothes song

Clothing flash cards

A story for learning clothes

Toys song

I know you will want to learn the name of your new toys. Here you have a song about it.