I'm a dancer Christmas Tree

Imagine you are a Christmas Tree dancing and dancing all day.

Sing and dance with him.

A Christmas Card Template

This is our Christmas card for this year. We hope you like it.

If you're happy & you Know it

And know it's time to  learn more actions with this song.
Do them and sing along.

The senses "Two little eyes" song

This is my house

Song "This is my favourite pumpkin"

A story "Goldilocks"

Click here to watch the story

The body

Healthy habbits

Classroom instructions.

Count to ten!

The months chant

Hello! What`s your name?

Watch the video and sing the song.

Happy summer holidays!

Bye, Bye, little pupils. Have a good time and enjoy your holidays, but don't forget the English songs and the vocabulary we learned. Review with your parents our blog and remember Teddy's songs too.
See you next course!
Happy summer!

Teacher Elena.

It´s summer time! Let´s sing this song about this season.

It's spring time. Learn the words of spring with this song.

Learn farm animals with this song "Old Mc Donald had a farm"

"The wheels on the bus". Learn this song about transports

Photos Easter preschool 3 years.

Here you are some photos of our particular "Egg hunting" that we played to celebrate Easter at class.

Learning fruits. The fruit train

The animal sounds song

Happy Easter children!

Listen and sing the Easter egg song.

Family finger. Aprendemos vocabulario de la familia.

Happy Birthday

Pat-a-cake. Pancake Day's traditional song (martes de carnaval)

How to make a snowman

The weather song

The rainbow colours song

Learn the colours with this beautiful song.

Five little monkeys

Count until five with these song.

The days of the week

Learn the days of the week with these funny video karaoke.